1. Breaking gameplay rules in an official will cause a cap to be removed from your total score. Any occurrences of rule-breaking must be reported here.

2. If you arrange a match that is planned to be casted you must show up to it, rescheduling by one side will cause said side to receive a Default Loss and a reschedule wanted by both sides will lead in a random winner being picked.

3. Playing with alternate accounts is strictly forbidden. Those who wish to compete must play on a single, main account.

4. Respect any and all instructions provided by the EBL staff.

5. Promoting other leagues or trade businesses in the EBL Discord server is not allowed.

6. Standing on your team’s friendly hoop is not allowed. Players who are bounced onto it or accidentally fall on it must jump off immediately. Firing any weapons during the short time may be on the hoop by accident is prohibited and will result in a negative point.

7. "Shotgun-bombing" / "shotgun-jumping" is not allowed. Both are defined as rocket jumping and pulling out the Shotgun to shoot the enemy mid-air for defensive purposes. This rule applies regardless of both a player’s rocket jumping intents and their intelligence-carrying status.

8. Purposely body-block aerial opponents (i.e. jump into their face to cancel their momentum with contact) is not allowed.

9. Games can be paused once by each team for up to 5 minutes. Longer pauses can be allowed by the enemy team. After a pause reaches 5 minutes of duration, opponents may request the game to be unpaused. Refusing to unpause after being warned can be punished with a Default Loss for your team. Teams who wish to claim a Default Win for this reason must provide factual evidence of the occurrence. (e.g. screenshots, demo files).